Everyone needs a good proofreader. Many years ago, as a grad student at Yale, I was helped
greatly by a proofreader hired by the University to improve the writing of graduate students.
After graduation, I grieved the loss of that reader until I met Karan Henley Haugh. She has
been proofreading the chapters of my latest book and has offered excellent advice for
coherence, transitions, and readability. She also has a good eye for spelling and grammar. She
would be perfect for a graduate student who needs somebody to edit theses and dissertations
or a professional who needs her to edit reports, etc. At the academic level in which I write, I
would rather have an outstanding scholar who has a Ph.D. such as Karan edit my work than
an average editor with less education and experience. If you use her services, the benefit will
far outweigh her fees.

Randall Heskett, Ph. D.
President-CEO, California Wholeness Institute

Karan helped edit the first couple of drafts of my MA thesis.  This was important because
convention dictates that an outline and a linear writing process, starting from point A then
moving to point B, keeps one organized.  Contrary to this format, I would write, refine and
rewrite the various sections of the thesis in no particular order. It was important that someone
with Karan’s editing skills sort out the structure and format of my thesis to produce a
presentable version.  Writing is a process and having access to an editor is very important. I
have no hesitation recommending Karan Henley Haugh.

Fernando Martinez

Dr. Henley Haugh, as an editor in my law firm, has assisted me in numerous projects which
have involved complex legal issues and transactions.  Her comments concerning revisions of
various documents were not only surprisingly cogent but revealed an analytical reasoning.  
Furthermore, Dr. Henley Haugh has assisted me in the drafting of an article for a legal journal,
by providing critical commentary on certain aspects of the paper.  I recommend Dr. Henley
Haugh for the position that complements her interest in the legal, literary, and business related
occupations, for which I believe she has the experience and capabilities to execute them

James Edward Walker, II.

I have known Karan Henley Haugh for approximately six months, and during that time, she
and I have collaborated on several academic projects.  Her willingness, cooperation, and
diligence have made this collaboration most enjoyable.  I realize both her varied interest and
professional demeanor illustrate an individual who possesses an intellectual curiosity not
found in many.

Sherry K. Brennan, M. Ed.
Academic Editing Associates

I am happy to write a letter of recommendation for Karan Henley Haugh because I have a
number of good things to say about her.  At the time I was a doctoral student, and I was
looking for some assistance in editing my dissertation.  Karan performed admirably in the job.  
Her work showed comprehension, accuracy, punctuality, and a skill level that any faculty
member would do well to emulate.

Herbert E. Muse, Jr., Ph. D.
Associate Director, Distance Learning
Montgomery College

I just wanted to say it has been a  pleasure working with Karan on a business project over a
period of three months. She has helped fine tune my business articles to perfection and in a
very timely manner with excellent communication skills.
I highly recommend Karan for anyone wanting to have excellent written presentations.

Tim Calie
Executive Business Improvement Consultant
Editing References
Teaching References
Dr. Karan Henley Haugh was very cooperative and quite dependable in her work.  She was
careful in organization of her classes and serious in her teaching.  Overall, we found her to be
a diligent teacher.

Marta O. Dmytrenko-Ahrabian, Ph. D.
Notre Dame University

Karan demonstrated herself to be a serious, dedicated teacher, one who is deeply concerned
about the progress of her students.

Winifred Walker-Jones
Georgetown University

I have great admiration for the amount of writing you get from the students and have to read.
. . You expend a great deal of time and effort on them.  

Dr. Gratia Murphy
Youngstown State University

Dr. Henley Haugh has demonstrated commitment to the college and competence as an
instructor. . . [She] has been assumed by her students to be a good instructor.

T. J. Bryan, Ph. D.
University of Maryland

Dr. Henley Haugh was reliable as a teacher and very caring towards the international students
in our program.  She emphasized writing, giving her students a great deal of composition
work and many opportunities to improve their writing.

Solveig Fisher Ph. D.
Montgomery College

What impressed me about Karan Henley Haugh was her motivation, enthusiasm and interest
in the development and improvement in the students' English language skills.

Judy R. Watson Ph. D.
Southeastern University

Karan is very intelligent and possesses a keen understanding of writing skills, English
literature and additionally has an excellent command of the French language.

Dr. Malcolm Campbell
Bowling Green State University

Dr. Henley Haugh is a very skilled instructor. . . She has been teaching my daughter French for
the past two semesters. . . Karan is organized, dedicated, and she truly cares about her
students' success.

Dr. Tom Falbo
Santa Rosa Junior College

Dr. Karan Henley Haugh taught a class in French for the Adult Education office of Frederick
County Public Schools. . . Evaluation by students in the class indicated that instruction was
excellent and that the instructor had a thorough knowledge of French.  Dr. Henley Haugh is
currently teaching another class, and the students in the class have requested that we extend it.  
We are very pleased with Dr. Henley Haugh's performance.

Richard Ramsburg, Principal
Frederick County Public Schools