Education:        Ph. D. in English literature--20th c. British literature and writing, with D.H. Lawrence my major author; Virginia Woolf, my
minor author.    

Teacher certification in English, and French, and French.   (Overall Q. P. A.  3.8.)   Bowling Green State University, Bowling Green, Ohio.

       Ph. D.  English literature program.  One year of coursework completed in The University of Denver program English literature and
creative writing program.  Denver, Colorado.  (Q. P. A. approximately 3.8.)  I was granted a departmental scholarship.

       M. A. in English (creative writing/journalism, American and English literature), Linguistics, and E.S.L. Certification in E.S.L. (English
as a Second Language.  (Q.P.A 3.5.)  The University of Pittsburgh.  Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  M. A. granted in August, 1978.

       B. A. in English (journalism--photo/journalism, creative writing and literature.   (Q.P.A. 3.3.)  The University of Pittsburgh.  Pittsburgh,
Pennsylvania.  B. A. granted in August, 1976.

       B. A.  Work continued at The University of Pennsylvania:  French literature, Greek language, Baltic studies, Classics, history, art,
drama, theatre, and creative writing. . .  Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.   August, 1972 to June 1974.

Return to The University of Pittsburgh.   Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  June, 1974.

       Graduate.  Fox Chapel Area Schools.  Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  Advanced Placement Student.   Highest-level coursework
completed in science and math courses as well as the humanities.   (Q.P.A.  3.9.)  Senatorial Scholarship.  High school diploma awarded
June, 1971.

Paralegal certificate.  Pennsylvania State University.  Pittsburgh, Pennsylvamia.  June, 1986.

       Additional graduate work in Linguistics.  (Q. P. A. 3.5.)  University of Maryland.  Catonsville, Maryland.  1990.

       Paralegal certificate.  Pennsylvania State University.  (No QPA given, passing with strong “B” average)   Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  
February, 1988.

       Additional Paralegal Studies.  Frederick Community College.  Frederick, Maryland. 2002 to 2003.

Dissertation:        (creative dissertation option chosen):  Incident in Bo, the third volume of the currently Lion Mountain, a study of
responsibility and freedom from the personal to the global level, was accepted at Bowling Green in December, 1984.  The first volume
Approach to Freetown, had been accepted for the master’s thesis at The University of Pittsburgh in July, 1978.  As a student in the
regular literature program, but admitted to the creative writing program, I had elected to complete a creative dissertation.

       Also, a critical work—an originally 180 page work and finally a 400 page book--a study of modern British poetry, Six 20th Century
British Poets, beginning with Hardy—had “not extensively enough covered the poetry.”  However, it was accepted in its revision one year
later at 400 pages.  This work was not formally catalogued through the University. ProfessorRobert Early was my committee chair.

Honors:        Acceptance to the J. D. program at American University.  Washington, DC.  June, 1986.
Ph. D. Qualifying exam passed “with distinction. . .” June, 1983.

       Teaching Fellowship.  Bowling Green State University.  Autumn, 1979 to Autumn, 1981.

       Departmental Scholarship.  University of Denver.  August, 1978 to August, 1979.

       National Society of Arts and Letters award. in “Biography” for A Fight to The Finish.   Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.  Summer,

       Teaching Assistantship.  Department of Linguistics.   University of Pittsburgh.  Pittsburgh. Pennsylvania.   Autumn,  1977 to Summer,

       Teaching Assistantship.  Department of  English.  University of Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.   Autumn, 1976 to Summer,

       Senatorial Scholarship, National Forensics Award of Honor, Association Américan des Professeurs de Français: “Certificat d’
honneur à la Suite du Concours Nationale, Exceptionally-abled Youth Award.  Fox Chapel High School   Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  June,

Teaching        Founder/of  L'Académie Française de Mendocino. Mendocino; The ESL Institute of Mendocino.  Mendocino Community
Center. Mendocino, California.  January, 2017 to May, 2017
       Volunteer Instructor of French.  Senior Center.  Fort Bragg, California.  January to April, 2017.

Substitute Teacher. Sonoma County Public Schools.  Santa Rosa, California.  August, 2005 to June, 2009

Volunteer teacher of Gardening, Cooking, and Nutrition.  Monte Rio Union School (K-8).  Monte Rio, CA  May, 2003 to June, 2005.

Founder and Director of the E.S.L Institute of Frederick (small classes and private tutoring, as listed in B.A.T.E.S.O.L. and W.A.T.E.S.O.
L. directories).  Frederick, Maryland.  August, 1990 to June, 2003
ESL grammar Instructor, Writing Instructor.  Montgomery College/Takoma.   Takoma Park, MD.  September, 2002 to June, 2003

       Tutor of  E.S.L.  Frederick Community College.  Frederick, Maryland.  August, 1999 to June, 2000.

       Instructor of Catholic Christian Doctrine (CCD).  St. John the Evangelist Holy Catholic Church.  Frederick, Maryland.  August, 1999
to June, 2000.

Substitute Teacher.  Frederick County Public Schools.  Frederick, Maryland.  September, 1992 to June, 2003.

Director and Instructor of French.  Adult Program.  Frederick County Public Schools.  September, 1995 to June,1998.

       Instructor of E.S.L.—(small classes and individual tutoring) E. S. L.  (English Language Services, the oldest private program in
Washington, the D. C. /now worldwide.)  Washington, D. C.  June, 1996 to August, 1996.

Instructor of 9th Grade English.  Baltimore City Schools.  Baltimore, Maryland.  August, 1996 to June, 1997.

Instructor of ESL Writing.  The George Washington University.  Washington, D. C.  August, 1995 to December, 1995.

       Instructor of Writing and Literature.  Anne Arundel Community College.  Arnold, Maryland.  August, 1995 to December, 1995.

       Instructor of Composition (offer had to be turned down for personal reasons.)  Montgomery College.  Takoma Park, Maryland.
August, 1994 to December, 1994.
       Instructor of Composition and ESL and regular English tutor. Frederick Community College.  Frederick, Maryland.  September, 1993
to May, 1994.

       Instructor of Composition.  Montgomery College.  Takoma Park, Maryland.  January, 1990 to May, 1993.

       Instructor of Criminal Justice (Offer turned down for personal reasons.)  Coppin State College.    Baltimore, Maryland.  August, 1992
to December, 1992.  

       Instructor of Technical Writing.  Montgomery College.  Rockville, Maryland.  January, 1992 to May, 1992.

       Instructor of Advanced  Graduate Writing and ESL Grammar and Writing.  Strayer College.   Arlington, Virginia.  Summer, 1991.

       Instructor/Director of ESL (all skill areas—basically intermediate and intermediate levels).  Southeastern University.  Responsible for
Re-evaluation of Program and Implementation of New Teaching Materials Washington, D. C.  May, 1990 to May, 1992.

Director of Computerized Writing Lab—all levels. Southeastern University.  Washington, D. C.  May, 1990 to May, 1992.

Offered Interim Chair, English.  (Offer turned down for personal reasons.).  Southeastern University.  Washington, D. C.  May, 1990 to
May, 1992.

Instructor of E.S.L.  (Offer turned down for personal reasons.)  Montgomery College.    Takoma Park, Maryland. August, 1991.

       Instructor of E.S.L.—advanced writing and Conversation (intermediate and advanced levels).  Georgetown University.  Washington,
D. C.  January, 1990 to December, 1990.

       Instructor of E.S.L.—T. O. E. F. L. preparation.  Alexandria Public Schools.  Alexandria, Virginia.  September, 1990 to December,

       Instructor of E.S.L.—basic English grammar and advanced Conversation.  Howard Community College.  Columbia, Maryland.  
January, 1989 to August, 1989.

       Instructor of E.S.L.  Notre Dame College of Baltimore.  (Offer turned down for personal reasons.)  Baltimore, Maryland.  August,
1990 to December, 1990.

       Instructor of E.S.L.—intermediate grammar/writing College of Notre Dame College of Baltimore.  Baltimore, Maryland.  May, 1989 to
August, l989.

       Director of Computer Lab.  College of Notre Dame of Baltimore.   Baltimore, Maryland.  May, 1989 to August, 1989.

       Director of E.S.L. Director and E.S.L. instructor— all skill areas, Tenure track position. Basically at intermediate and advanced
levels.  Coppin State College.  Currently part of the University of Maryland.  Baltimore, Maryland.  August, 1988 to June, 1990.

       Instructor of English Composition (all levels—Computer labs--and literature).  Coppin State College.  Currently part of The University
of Maryland.   Baltimore, Maryland.  August, l988 to June. 1990.

       Instructor of English as a Second Language for Children.  Baltimore City Public Schools.  Baltimore, Maryland.  August, 1989 to
December, 1989

.Instructor of Writing (intermediate and advanced levels). Youngstown State University.  Youngstown, Ohio.  September, 1987 to April,

       Teacher—Regular/Substitute Teacher of  all offerings especially Language Arts and College Preparation classes.  Pittsburgh Job
Corps.  Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  May, 1987 to May, 1988.

Counselor and Activities Director.  Pittsburgh Job Corps.  Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  May, 1987 to May, 1988.
       Instructor of Business, Technical Writing and Communications.  Bell of Pennsylvania’s “Academy.”  Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania..  
August, 1985 to May, 1988.

       Instructor of French.  The University School.  Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  January, 1986 until June, 1986.

       Instructor of English Composition and Literature.  Bowling Green State University.  Bowling Green, Ohio.  August, 1979 to
December, 1981.

       Instructor of E.S.L (substitute teacher for all levels and skill areas).  Loretta Heights College.  Denver, Colorado.  September, 1978
to June, 1979.

       E.S.L.Tutor.  University of Denver.  Denver, Colorado.   September, 1978 to August, 1979.

Instructor of E.S.L.—basic skills, tutoring, advanced writing, volunteer Conversation Course Instructor (the latter incorporated into regular
program the following term.)  The University of Pittsburgh.  Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  September, 1977 to June, 1978.

       Bibliographer.  The University of Pittsburgh.  Hillman Library. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  January, 1976 to June, 1976.

Instructor of English—introductory undergraduate composition.  The University of Pittsburgh.  Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  August, 1976 to
December, 1976.

Private instructor-- of English, E.S.L., and French from August, 1971 until the present.

Writing and        Owner of Karan Kalb, Ph. D. and Associates Manuscripts, Karan
Editing         Henley, Ph. D. and Associates, Karan Henley, Ph. D, and Robert Haugh Manuscripts and presently MANUSCRIPTS PLUS..
Frederick, Maryland to Fort Bragg, California.  August, 1991 to January, 2018.

       Specialties:  Writing, Editing, French to English Translation, Transcription,  Résumés,  Instruction of English, English, as a Second
Language, and French, with own text book,  Mon Livre Français Simple:  Ecrit Par Mme Henley Pour Ses Fils Charles et Lee, and Writing

       Volunteer Editor.  St. Bede’s Episcopal Church.  Santa Fe, New Mexico. April, 2014 to August, 2014.

Writer.  Mt. Airy News.  Mt. Airy, Maryland.  May, 1991 to December, 1992.

       Assistant Technical Editor.  Vector Research.  Arlington, Virginia.  April, 1990 to May, 1991.

Chief Legal Editor.  Buchanan Ingersoll, a Professional Corporation—a law firm..  Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  January, 1986 to June, 1988

Copy Editor.  Talking Books.  Denver, Colorado.  September, 1978 to April, 1979.

Assistant Editor.  Historical Methods Newsletter.  The History Department, The University of Pittsburgh.  Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  
September, 1975 to June, 1977.

Copy Editor and Writer.  New Sun.  (Pittsburgh’s third largest newspaper in Pennsylvania at the time.)  Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  
December, 1975 to June, 1977.

Writer.  Pitt News.  University of Pittsburgh.  Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  September, 1975 to June, 1977.

Assistant Editor/an Internship (through the Writing Department of The University of Pittsburgh).  Carnegie Magazine.  Pittsburgh,
Pennsylvania.  December, 1975 to June, 1976.

Published Works:

“Coughers Perform Own Symphony,” Pittsburgh Press, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

“And Don’t Cough at the Symphony, Either,” Pittsburgh Magazine, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

“IPF Poets ‘Le Magnifique,’” Pitt News, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

“Light and Soulful Readings,” Pitt News, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

“Fervent Patriots in ‘1776.’” Pitt News, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

“Drama Explores Black Life,” Pitt News, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

“Ethnic Culture at the Arena,” Pitt News, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

“Tricks, Magic, and JC,” Pitt News, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania,
“Players’ ‘Barefoot in the Park’s Performance Gets Passing Grade,”
Mt. Airy News, Mt. Airy. Maryland.

“Many Suspects, One Murderer,” Mount Airy News, Mt. Airy, Maryland.

“No Safe Threshold: An Interview with Dr. Ernest J. Sternglass” The New Sun, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

“Midnight Express” (lead story in) Lost Tales from the Mountain, Mountain Springs Press. Indianapolis, Indiana. 2010

Approach to Freetown.  Mountain Springs Press.  Indianapolis, Indiana.  2010

Poems in numerous small publications.

Completed works awaiting publication:

Lion Mountain Consisting of Approach to Freetown (Master’s Thesis) and Incident in Bo
(Creative Dissertation).

River People

Remembering. . . My Life Story

Two Novels—Two Roads: A Montage and Knotty Point

Short Pieces

JOURNAL BOOKS—10 books consisting of material from 160 journals, written over 40 years.  (Half of these were “lost” by the United
States Postal Service, without my first having gotten out all that I needed for the series.  I am planning to publish what remains.)

Letters to My Boys (a continuation of the journal series.  (New journal series/letters planned for Boise, Idaho

All This Journey, a Collection of 50 poems by Robert Haugh.

From a Pilot’s Eye: Photographs taken While Flying Over The Grand Canyon and points West, by Robert Haugh.  With captions by Karan
Henley Haugh

Photographs of Northern California by Robert Haugh, with captions by Karan Henley Haugh.

The reissuance of my mother’s Rural Ridge, Pennsylvania:  The Personal History of a Small Town, Compiled by Helen Karan Rekasie,
the royalties for which will go to the election fund of our next President, what a sales pitch on Facebook, etc.!  My mother was a devote,
long-term Democratic Committee Woman in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  She would just love this!

Ten Journal Books, including: “Classic Journals,” “Backwater Journals,” “Groundhog’s Day: A Cinematic Year Journals”“Hell on Wheels
Journals”“Four Times a Charm: Goodbye Heartly House Journals,”“Home/Among Family Journals,” and "The S. S. Journals.”

Related        Tour Guide (volunteer) to the 30 Nationality Classrooms in The
Experiences:          Cathedral of Learning at The University of Pittsburgh. Quo Vadis Organization. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  September,
1975 to June, 1977.

       Conference Organizer for the Dean of Engineering--Various Coal Gasification Seminars, etc. Engineering Department.  The
University of Pittsburgh.  Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  June, 1975 to June, 1976.

       Library Assistant.  Moore School of Engineering Library.  The University of Pennsylvania.  Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  October,
1972 to June, 1974.

Miscellaneous:        Realtor

                       Property Developer/Manager
                       Home Remodeler

                       Insurance Specialist

                       Gardener (Interior and Exterior.)

                       Seamstress/Tailor:  (skirts, jackets, suits, prom dresses, wedding gowns, baptismal outfit, capes, coats . . .)

                       Gourmet Cook (in many languages.)

                        Siamese Breeder—Cat Fancier Association-registered, all classic color points.  10 years (Pennsylvania,         
,                         Virginia, and Maryland, thinking about breeding again to keep this wonderful species alive.        0         

                       Cattle Specialist—(Registered Polled Herefords)

Skill Areas:        1.    adept at fine-tuning all forms of Communication
2.        a “team” but also a “solo” player
3.        extremely detail-oriented, investigative,, outgoing, receptive, perceptive, and versatile
4.        a very good “master” organizer and  gracious “delegator” i.e. “enlister of extensive and courteous  and cooperative efforts”
5.        exceptionally good-humored, amusing, and diplomatic
6.        Knowledgeable of many foreign languages and cultures:  fluent in French.  Knowledge of German, Italian, Modern Greek,
Lithuanian, Spanish, and several Sierra Leonese tribal languages for Lion Mountain
7.        Considerable experience with various computer programs, chiefly:  various forms of Microsoft “Works,” “Excel,” “Word Perfect,”
“Wang,” etc.  (Original instruction was on University program—“Decca Basic 2” at Bowling Green State University)
8.        I have directed computer writing programs at countless colleges and universities.  
9.        I am always very curious and very interested in learning more about various computer programs, chiefly “newsletters” and
“graphics” programs.  .
10.        I am quite adept at a keyboard.  My best typing score to date has been 80 wpm with less than 5 errors in a 5 minute testing
11.        Achievements in math and science might have led to a career in biological or medical research, if not a doctorate of medicine
12.        Special skills lie in the following areas:  journalism, editing, business and technical writing and editing, real estate (former Realtor
in Pennsylvania) and law.  Pennsylvania paralegal certificate and acceptance to The Washington School of Law at American University,
Washington, D, C.  August, 1988.
Teaching        Literature:  19th and 20th century European:  British and Commonwealth,
Interests:        French, Russian, German, Spanish; American:  United States, Amerindian, Central and South American, Caribbean.  
Classical Greek and Roman.  

       Writing:  Composition and Rhetoric. Business.  Technical. Legal.  Journalism.  The Short Story.  The Play.  The Novel.
Criticism:  Existential, Jungian, and Phenomenological.

Academic        Responsible for the reinstitution of the French Program for the
Service:        Adult Division of Frederick County Public Schools. Frederick County, Maryland.  August, 1993 to June, 1996

       Responsible for the re-evaluation of E.S.L. teaching methods, materials and procedures.  In charge of building new program.  
Southeastern University.  Washington, D. C.  June, 1990 to June, 1992
       Active Participant in the evaluation of program and materials for the E. S. L. Advanced Writing Program.  Georgetown University.   
Washington, D. C.  January, 1990 to December, 1990.

       Volunteer Instructor of advanced E.S.L. grammar class. Coppin State College (currently a college in The University of Maryland.).  
Baltimore, DC.  March, 1990 to June, 1990.  

       Presenter of Lion Mountain during the Charles Pryor lecture series.  Coppin State College.  Baltimore, Maryland. April, 1990.

       Director of the English Department’s portion of the annual “Academic Fair.”  Coppin State College.  August, 1988 to June, 1990.  

       Director of the E.S. L. Program.  Responsible for the re-evaluation of the program, implementation of new teaching materials and
procedures, public relations, and correspondence.  August, 1988 to June, 1990.  Southeastern University.  Washington, D. C.

Service on numerous committees and program evaluations.  Coppin State College.  August, 1988 to June, 1990.

Presenter of lecture “Using Journalism Question Words, e.g. ’Who’, ‘What’, ‘When’, ‘Where’, ‘How’, and also ‘What if’?” to expand ESL as
well as regular students’ compositions. . . A Dramatic and Interesting Technique. . .” at B.A.T.E.S.O.L. Conference. Towsen, Maryland.  
June, 1990.

Service on many Committees and program evaluative sessions.  Youngstown State University.  Youngstown, Ohio.

Paid and Volunteer Service for many projects outside of the educational counseling, and social aspects of programs at  Pittsburgh Job
Corps. Pittsburgh. Pennsylvania.
Service on many Committees and program evaluative sessions.  The Academy of Bell of Pennsylvania.  Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  

Service on many committees and program evaluative sessions Bowling Green State University.  Bowling Green, Ohio.  

(Please refer to dossier in Career office on the campus where there are at least three if not more letters.)  August, 1979 to December,

Volunteer Tutor and Organizer of Retake Final Exam Sessions, an effort by which better than fifty—closer to seventy percent of my
retake students as well as students of other instructors, who did not pass the initial writing exam--did so upon the retake. We had
thoroughly reviewed key organizational strategies, major grammatical and rhetorical mistakes, and analyzed the copies of passing
papers, “the cream of the crop,” which I was able to obtain with some persistance from the Program Director. Bowling Green State
University.  Bowling Green. Ohio. August, 1979 to December, 1981

Organizer and Publisher of various student periodicals.  Bowling Green State University.  Bowling Green, Ohio. August, 1979 to
December, 1981.

Volunteer E.S.L. Tutor—all skill areas and all levels.  Bowling Green State University.  August, 1979 to December, 1981.

Volunteer Instructor of “Conversation Class”---per students’ request (an operation which involved our visiting various sites in the
Oakland, Pittsburgh area  e.g. The Nationality Classrooms, the Carnegie Museum, various exhibit rooms in the main library, etc.--and
having to communicate “all in English (!)” about what we saw. . . This occasioned the addition of a similar full-term /paid course in the
regular program.  University of Pittsburgh.  Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  March to June, 1977.

Committee Member—Undergraduate and Graduate Student, with voting privileges.  University of Pittsburgh Press.  University of
Pittsburgh.  Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  August, 1976 to June, 1978.

Languages:        Fluent in French.  (Began study at six years old.  Ph. D. language requirement waived as a result of the “A” earned in
the Bowling Green graduate French class:  “Black French Poetry of Africa and the Caribbean.”  It had been almost four years that I had
had formal instruction of any kind in French.  It just so happens to be my “native” language.  My favorite French poet is Baudelaire, much
of whose poetry I can recite by heart.

       Reading ability as well as marginal speaking ability of German, Spanish, Italian, and Demotik Greek.  

       Presently I am working to move “Spanish” out of the above category and into the “Fluent” one along side French.  

Memberships:        T.E.S.O. L.  (Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages), W.A.T.E.S.O. L.   (Washington Area Teachers of
English to Speakers of Other Languages), B.A.T.E.S.O.L. (Baltimore Area Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages), M.L.A.  
(Modern Language Association), W.I.W.  (Washington Independent Writers), N.W.W.G.  (National Women Writers’ Guild).

Recommendations:  There are selections of many of my teaching and writing letters in my website” www.manuscriptsplus.Coloradom.  
Actual copies of letters on letterhead are available on my computer.

Please note that the approximately 30 letters of recommendation for my B. A.  Program and M. A. Program (both the University of
Pittsburgh) were lost “through computer error.”  The only one I had was the one  by Dr. Hetzel, Director of the University of Pittsburgh
Press; however, at this time, I do not know where that might be, if I even have it.  This might be on the computer, but I do not remember
having seen it lately.

Consequently, I have personally collected various letters, regarding my teaching, writing, and editing as I went along, since then.  There
are approximately twenty, chiefly from university staff with whom I was affiliated.  Some of these letters are under the name “Dr. Karan

A complete dossier of letters, which I have never seen, of at least three and possibly as many as five letters of recommendation may be
available from my Ph. D. program at Bowling Green State University, in Bowling Green, Ohio..

Additional letters of recommendation are available upon request.

Credentials:        Please note that all of my transcripts are under my maiden name of “Rekasie.”

Letter of Introduction:

I was always writing. In fifth grade, I won 1st place for my essay “Why I Love America” (with a bond), and in 6th grade I won an award for
my essay “The Trillium Trail” (with a flower book). Later, I got several “honorable mentions” on some of my writings.

My top writing teacher got me to write “No Safe Threshold:  An Interview with Dr. Ernest J. Sternglass,” which is now available on the web,
although I do not know how it got there; no one contacted me, but it is very important that as many people as possible know this important
information about the life-threatening effects of low level radiation.  Dr. Sternglass contacted me at The University of Denver for
permission to widely distribute this article to keep a nuclear plant from being constructed near Bodega, California, near the San Andreas
Fault Line, and this was never built. I had the possible offer of a job at The Globe if I wanted to move to Boston. I was awarded a prize
from the National Society of Arts and Letters.  

I began my Ph. D. studies at The University of Denver with a scholarship.  I chose to move on to Bowling Green with a teaching fellowship,
where I had already been admitted for the MFA. During my Ph. D. program, I was able to complete Incident in Bo, my creative
dissertation, as well as a 400 page book on six 20th century British poets. I also earned my teaching credentials in English and French.

Karan Henley Haugh’s Biography

Karan Henley Haugh is a Ph. D. in English with over 20 years of teaching, online and in-class teaching experience and editing
experience. She is a certified teacher of English, French, and English as a Second Language (E.S.L.) in Pennsylvania, Ohio, and
California. She has received a paralegal certificate and specializes in legal editing, as well as ESL work.  She was accepted for the J. D.
program at American University of American University in Washington, D. C.. She was the recipient of a Senatorial Scholarship, two
Teaching Assistantships at the University of Pittsburgh, a scholarship at The University of Denver, and a Teaching Fellowship at Bowling
Green State University (OH). Her earliest awards were a bond in 5th grade for her essay “Why I Love America” and a flower book in 6th
grade for her entry, “The Trillium Trail.” She won a Society of Arts and Letters award in 1978. Although she has over 15 notable articles
covering primarily poetry readings and theater, etc., her most important article is:  “No Safe Threshold:  An interview With Dr. Ernest J.
Sternglass,” published in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania by The New Sun newspaper just days before the “Three Mile Island,” incident.  This
was brought out of the closet again to the Northern California shore to prevent a nuclear reactor, planned near The San Andreas Fault,
from being built there; that was never built. The article can be viewed in her website:  www.manuscriptspluis.come, along with other of her
work or online under the title:  “No Safe Threshold” on the internet.   She has taught as assistant professor for over 15 years and as
substitute teacher, a tutor, and in other capacities for another 15 years. She is fluent in French, having written a French text book, Mon
Live Français Simple:  EcritPar Mme Henley Pour Ses Fils Charles et Lee.  She has studied numerous other languages including tribal
dialects for her book LION MOUNTAIN.   Karan’s teaching expertise ranges from Pittsburgh Job Corps to Georgetown University. She has
had extensive experience teaching business and technical writing classes as well as editing business and technical materials.

For the past fifteen years, she has successfully run her nationwide, online business Manuscripts Plus:,  with
clients ranging from the Atlantic to the Pacific and from the Great Lakes to The Gulf of Mexico.  For her business, she has done all types
of editing, including many articles, legal documents, theses, dissertations, and books.  She has at least five more finalized books, in
addition to her ten JOURNAL BOOKS, which for her 2018 New Year’s Resolution, she is promising herself to complete Volume One:  
Classic Journals. She now has two books submitted to her publisher:  Chesterbrook Farm:  a love story and her memoires:  
Remembering. . . My Life Story (which include her move to Boise and some important and interesting things she has discovered while
researching Idaho and chiefly the city of Boise.  She is the author of ten journal books based on 160 journals, written over 40 years,
several collections of short stories, novellas, and other works. She has just finished her fascinating memoires Remembering..., My Life
Story, her 2017 New Year’s Resolution, on 31 December, 2017!.

Karan Henley Haugh
33033 Lassen Dr., #204
Fort Bragg, CA 95437

(707) 961-0628

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Karan Henley Haugh, Ph. D.
Curriculum Vitae

Karan Henley Haugh, Ph. D.

33033 Lassen Dr., #204
Fort Bragg, CA 95437
(707) 961-0628