CAREER OBJECTIVES:  Teaching, Writing, Editing, and Translating.


Ph. D. in English (20th century British literature, composition and rhetoric, and creative writing).  Teacher
Certification in English and French.  Bowling Green State University.  Bowling Green, OH.  December, 1986.

M. A. in English (creative writing; composition and rhetoric) and Linguistics (E. S. L.).  University of
Pittsburgh.  Pittsburgh, PA.
August, 1978.

B. A. in English (journalism) and French.  University of Pittsburgh.  Pittsburgh, PA.  August, 1976.

Additional paralegal work.  Frederick Community College.  Frederick, MD. 2004.

Additional M. A. work in Linguistics.  University of Maryland.  Catonsville, MD.  1990.

Paralegal certificate.  Pennsylvania State University.  Pittsburgh, PA.  October, 1987.  

Teaching Experience:

Private instructor of English, E. S. L. and French.  From 1971 to the present.

Substitute Teacher.  Northpoint Expeditionary Learning Academy.  Prescott, AZ.  August, 2012 to April, 2014.

Substitute Teacher.  Sonoma County Public Schools.  Santa Rosa, CA.  January, 2008 to December, 2010.

Instructor of E. S. L.  Cartus Global Language Training Network.  (Chicago, IL)  Santa Rosa, CA.  
September, 2006 to December, 2006 and March, 2008 to January, 2009.

Volunteer Teacher in gardening/nutrition and related activities at Monte Rio Union School (K-8).  
Monte Rio, California.  September, 2005 to June, 2007.

Instructor of French.  Russian River Charter School.  Forestville, CA.  September, 2006 to June, 2007.

Instructor of E. S. L. and English writing.  Montgomery College.  Germantown, MD.  
September, 2002 to May, 2003.

Substitute Teacher.  Frederick County Public Schools.  Frederick, MD.  July, 1993 to July, 2001.

Founder of The E. S. L. Institute of Frederick.  Frederick, MD.  October, 1991 to June, 2002.

E. S. L. Tutor.  Frederick Community College.  September, 1999 to May, 2000.  Frederick, MD.

Instructor of English.  Carver Vocational and Technical High School.  Baltimore City Schools.  Baltimore,
MD.  September, 1996 to June, 1997.

Director and Instructor of French.  Frederick County Public Schools/Adult Division.  Frederick, MD.  
September, 1993 to October, 1996.

Instructor of E. S. L. English Language Institute.  Washington, DC.  April, 1996 to August, 1996.

Instructor of E. S. L. Intermediate Composition.  The George Washington University.  Washington, DC.
August, 1995 to December, 1995.

Instructor of English Literature and Composition.  Anne Arundel Community College.  Anne Arundel, MD.
August, 1995 to December, 1995.

Instructor of Writing and English/E. S. L. Tutor.  Frederick Community College.  Frederick, MD.  
September, 1993 to May, 1994.

Instructor of Writing.  Montgomery College.  Tacoma Park, MD.  January, 1993 to May, 1993.  

Instructor of Technical Writing.  Montgomery College.  Rockville, MD.  January, 1992 to May, 1992.

Instructor of E. S. L. (all skill areas--basically intermediate and advanced levels).  In charge of computerized
writing lab--all levels.  Responsible for Reevaluation of Program and Implementation of New Teaching
Materials and Methodology.  Offered Interim Chair, English.  Southeastern University.  Washington, D.C.  May,
1990 to May, 1992.

Instructor of E. S. L. (advanced writing and conversation).  Georgetown University.  Washington, D.C.  
January, 1990 to December, 1990.

Instructor of E. S. L. (T. O. E. F. L. preparation course).  Alexandria Public Schools.  Alexandria, VA.  
September, 1990 to December, 1990.

Instructor of E. S. L. (elementary level, all skill areas).  Baltimore County Public Schools.  Baltimore, MD.  
January, 1989 to June, 1989.

Instructor of E. S. L. (basic English grammar and advanced conversation).  Howard Community College.  
Columbia, MD.  January, 1989 to August, 1989.

Instructor of E. S. L. (intermediate grammar/writing).  Director of computer lab.  College of Notre Dame.
Baltimore, MD.  May, 1989 to August 1989.

Director of E. S. L. program (all skill areas, basically at intermediate and advanced levels) and Instructor of
English composition (all levels--computer labs) Coppin State College, (currently part of The University of
Maryland). Baltimore, MD.  August, 1988 to June, 1990.

Instructor of English (intermediate and advanced composition).  Youngstown State University.  Youngstown,
OH.  September, 1987 to April, 1988.

Substitute Teacher primarily of language arts and college preparation classes. Counselor and activities
supervisor.  Pittsburgh Job Corps.  Pittsburgh, PA.  May, 1987 to May, 1988.

Instructor of business/technical writing.  Bell of Pennsylvania.  Pittsburgh, PA.  August, 1986 to May, 1988.

French instructor (intermediate grammar and reading).  The University School.  Pittsburgh, PA. January, 1986
to June, 1986.

Student Teacher of English (senior year, intermediate level) and French (freshman year, introductory level).  
Pittsburgh Public School System.  Pittsburgh, PA.  January, 1983 to June, 1983.

Student Teacher of French (junior high school, introductory level).  Bowling Green Public School System.  
Bowling Green, OH.  August, 1980 to December, 1980.

Instructor of English composition (all levels), literature (introductory--short stories and science fiction), and
E. S. L. (tutoring at introductory, intermediate, and advanced levels).  Bowling Green State University.  Bowling
Green, OH.  August, 1979 to December, 1981.

E. S. L. instructor (substitute teacher for all levels and skills).  Loretta Heights College.  Denver, CO.  
September, 1978 to June, 1979.

Instructor of English (introductory writing) and E. S. L. (basic skills; tutoring; advanced writing and volunteer
instructor of conversation class, which soon afterwards was instituted in basic program).  University of
Pittsburgh.  Pittsburgh, PA.  September, 1976 to June, 1978.

Writing and Editing Experience:

Editor and Writer.  Manuscripts Plus. May, 2005 to the present.

Editor.  St. Bede's Publications.  Santa Fe, NM.  April, 2014 to November 2014.

Public Relations Official.  St. Andrew's in the Redwoods.  Monte Rio, CA.  September, 2007 to July, 2012.

Mt. Airy News.  Mt. Airy, MD.  May, 1991 to December, 1992.

Assistant Editor.  Vector Research.  Arlington, VA.  April, 1990 to May, 1991.

Editor. Buchanan Ingersoll (a law firm).  Pittsburgh, PA.  June, 1987 to August, 1988.

Editor.  Talking Books.  Denver, CO.  September, 1978 to June, 1979.

Student Committee Member (undergraduate and graduate).  University of Pittsburgh Press.  
University of Pittsburgh.  Pittsburgh, PA.  September, 1975 to May, 1978.

Assistant Editor (Internship).  
Carnegie Magazine.  Pittsburgh, PA.  September, 1975 to January, 1976.

Assistant Editor.  
Historical Methods Newsletter.  History Department, University of Pittsburgh.  
Pittsburgh, PA.  September, 1975 to June, 1977.

Copy Editor and Writer.  
New Sun.  Pittsburgh, PA.  December, 1975 to June, 1977.

Pitt News.  Pittsburgh, PA.  September, 1975 to June, 1977.

Related Activities:

Volunteer Worker in Food Bank and Soup Kitchen and Resume Writer at St. Andrew’s in the Redwoods.  
Monte Rio, California.  July, 2005 to December, 2011.

Volunteer for Pegasus Theater.  Monte Rio, California.  June, 2006 to November, 2010.

Realtor.  Pittsburgh, PA.  Summer, 1985 to Fall, 1988.

Temporary law work as typist, researcher, editor.  Pittsburgh, PA.  Summer, 1985 to Fall, 1988.

Owner and Manager of Rental Property.  Remodeled and sold property for twice its initial cost.  Pittsburgh,
PA.  1983 to August, 1994.

Classic Siamese cat breeder.  Pennsylvania and Maryland.  March, 1983 to Fall, 2001.

Tour Guide (volunteer) to the 20 Nationality Classrooms (Cathedral of Learning).  University of Pittsburgh.  
Pittsburgh, PA.  September, 1975 to June, 1977.

Conference Organizer for the Dean of Engineering.  University of Pittsburgh.  Pittsburgh, PA.  
December, 1975 to June, 1976.

Library Assistant.  Moore School of Engineering.  University of Pennsylvania.  Philadelphia, PA.  
October, 1972 to June, 1974.

Awards and Significant Events:

Acceptance to the Law School of American University.  Washington, DC.  Fall, 1988.

Teaching Fellowship.  Bowling Green State University.  1979-1981.

Scholarship.  University of Denver.  1978-1979.

National Society of Arts and Letters award for the manuscript
A Fight to the Finish.  Fall, 1978.

Teaching Assistantship.  Department of Linguistics.  University of Pittsburgh.  Pittsburgh, PA.  1977-1978.

Teaching Assistantship.  Department of English.  University of Pittsburgh.  Pittsburgh, PA.  1976-1977.

Senatorial Scholarship.  University of Pittsburgh.  Pittsburgh, PA.  1971.

1971--National Forensic Award of Honor, National Teachers of French Award, Exceptionally-abled Youth


Fluency in French.  Reading knowledge of German, Modern Greek, Spanish, and Italian.
Karan Henley Haugh, Ph. D.